Featured Experience: UT Capstone Project

The goal of this project was to create a roadmap for market entry for an early-stages hourly job search platform startup called Industri.us. To begin accomplishing the goal, market analysis, competitor evaluation, and business model scenario analysis were conducted. Additionally, accessibility and potential partnerships with other companies were researched, as these would be features unique to the platform. The findings reveal that the application has a significant potential market, and there are several options for pricing and market entry. The distinguishing features will help the new platform stand out among competitors.

For this project, I was able to combine my business background and UX education to create a plan for a new business venture. It was a rewarding, educational experience, and it gave me a great deal of insight into product and project management.


Putting Users First

User experience research was a major focus of mine during graduate school. I am fascinated by the current and potential uses for technology, and it is critical that as technology evolves, it is always calibrated against the needs and desires of end users. Conversations and formal tests with individuals reveal that everyone has different needs and preferences, which makes the field of user experience of the utmost importance.

Adding Value to Projects

On the business side of things, I have a broad knowledge base from my undergraduate degree. My focus was in Management Information Systems, so I thrive in a role involving both business experience and technical knowledge, but I have also served as a process improvement “consultant” through a management consulting course at Baylor.

Understanding How Things Work

My work experience is heavily focused in technology. I helped develop an application for the Dallas Zoo during an internship with Pariveda Solutions. At the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, I served as an information management intern, primarily focused on business intelligence designs. Additionally, my education allows me to “speak the language” of technology as I have experience with databases, Agile development methodologies, and even a bit of game design, specifically in virtual reality.

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