Understanding How Things Work

My work experience is heavily focused in technology. I helped develop an application for the Dallas Zoo during an internship with Pariveda Solutions. At the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, I served as an information management intern, primarily focused on business intelligence designs. Additionally, my education allows me to “speak the language” of technology as I have experience with databases, Agile development methodologies, and even a bit of game design, specifically in virtual reality.


For this application, I was one of five interns tasked with developing an application for the Dallas Zoo. I learned how to develop a mobile application, and I was able to slightly shift my focus during the internship from purely development into a role involving assisting in requirements gathering, user story writing, and user testing. This is the main screen of the app, and an example recommendation I made based on user testing was to move the "Quest" button to the bottom right side of the screen to accommodate larger mobile devices with right-handed users. As most of the users in testing sessions were right handed and had larger phones, many were unable to reach the button in its original position at the bottom left of the screen.

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